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Advantages of Outsourcing

According to M2 Presswire (2006), “over the last three or four years there has been steady growth in the number of telecoms operators outsourcing specific business activities and, in some cases, the entire operation of their networks” ( Research and Market , para.1). Why is this outsourcing being success? As business is evolving, many companies have to concentrate on their responsibilities. In the center of business development, outsourcing is one of big issues. So, how do owners control their companies? Do they control all part of business for their responsibilities? How do they find solution? Before outsourcing came up, some companies tried to handle all of their business. However, they could not control when their companies were getting bigger. Definitely, it was impossible. Nowadays, most of major companies take up outsourcing because it can save companies’ cost, companies’ to concentrate on their core competencies and enhances globalization.
The Small Business Encyclopedia defines “outsourcing occurs when a company purchases products or services from an outside supplier, rather than performing the same work within its own facilities, in order to cut costs” ( outsourcing , para.7). After 1970’s in the United States, outsourcing got started by distinguishing companies’ priority that companies concern about what the best profit is firstly. In The Ethics of In-house vs. Outsourcing mentions “ The origin of outsourcing in America dates back to the 1970’s when IBM developed the IT industry in India. Later, the Internet and telecommunications boom encouraged outsourcing as a means of promoting capitalism” (para.2). When outsourcing was expanded, companies outsourced especially domestic. However, Business Wire (2006), “now domestic outsourcing is shrinking and changing due to lower costs in offshore locations with strong quality levels” ( Learn about the Advantages of Using Outsourcing for Both Investors and End-Users , para.5). According to M2 Presswire (2006) mention “Outsourcing can be a powerful strategic and competitive weapon” ( Research and Markets , para.2). As we look around, these days, most major companies subcontract to small firms and contract abroad owing to several reasons.
First of all, outsourcing can save companies’ cost. Because companies outsource to other companies that specialize in a given function and performs that function more efficiently than the companies could. For example, in Korea has some ‘Kimchi’ which is traditional Korean food factories. Most of ‘Kimchi’ factories outsource to fermentation factory as ‘Kimchi’ need special fermentation for taste. If the factories make fermentable facility, it costs a lot of money even though they can get many profits. Accordingly, ‘Kimchi’ companies can save unnecessary cost and fermentation companies can earn income. Also, companies can control cost of labor by means of outsourcing. As we can see, if some company is getting bigger, the owner has to deeply consider whether this business has to expand or not. When the company enlarges a part of business, it costs lots of money to establish new facilities, new hiring. Thus, the good solution is outsourcing in terms of saving cost of labor.
In addition, outsourcing allows companies’ to concentrate on their core competencies because it can eliminate distractions. In Small Business Encyclopedia, said that outsourcing can free the entrepreneur from tedious and time-consuming tasks, so that he or she can concentrate on marketing and sales activities that are most essential to the company’s long term growth and prosperity ( Advantages of Outsourcing n.d.). Definitely, this is the best proof that outsourcing is able to get rid of obstacle. Another reason is that outsourcing can overcome some companies’ weakness. Now, conglomerates lead many different business fields. However, as one might expect, big enterprises have their own weak part of business, even though they earn a lot of profits because companies’ owners cannot control the same level of business profit easily. At that time, owners have to make their mind whether their companies have to keep the weak part of business or not. Of course, this is not easy to decide to conglomerates owners. Yet, fortunately, advent of outsourcing is helping these weaknesses. For example, ‘Samsung’ that is one of the most huge companies in Korea usually makes digital electronic stuff or commodities which are main products. Also, ‘Samsung’ has lots of other business. How does ‘Samsung’ handle their other business? The answer is that ‘Samsung’ truly chooses outsourcing such as repair service and commodities’ sales.
Finally, outsourcing enhances globalization. Nowadays, many companies move out their outsourcing companies because it is cheaper than domestic and can expand their business. As many companies interconnect, they can encourage economic power each other. For instance, B2B Telemarketing Company which is one of the famous telemarketing companies in United States is outsourced by other companies and it also outsources other countries’ companies. This company usually is in charge of other companies’ customer service. By this service, the company is able to listen different countries customer’s viewpoint because different countries customers have different viewpoint. If the company overcomes this problem that is different viewpoint, it can succeed its business and influence other countries economic benefit. Thus, outsourcing has this advantage of globalization.
Opponents of outsourcing’s advantages claim that outsourcing makes big economic gap between countries. Specifically, they argue that outsourcing has bad effect on poor countries. However, it is just the tip of the iceberg because poor countries have lots of chances to improve their economic situation by passing through outsourcing. As business is getting complicated, companies cannot avoid outsourcing. For example, China was one of poor countries. Reason is why many companies from other countries usually outsourced Chinese companies to manufacture some industrial commodities because China had pretty cheap labor. Of course, still outsourcing exists in China however, compare to China before, China now has lots of economic power and no one ignores Chinese economic system. Accordingly, outsourcing decreases countries economic gap.
In conclusion, nowadays, our industry is getting changed very fast. Thus, big companies’ owners have to accept this variation. Outsourcing which is one of industrial alteration in business is business strategy. Conglomerates now cannot avoid this strategy if conglomerates’ owners want to manage their company efficiently. Some people still ask about outsourcing’s merits and argue that it has some problems such as poor quality control, decreased company loyalty. However, outsourcing helps globalization and getting benefits in business because it is based on companies activities that companies establish abroad and interconnect with companies from other countries. Therefore, all things considered, outsourcing should be adopted by companies in order to have a lot of benefits for doing business.


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summary & response

EAP2, writing workshop

Fighting Corruption is a Global Concern

In David Zussman’s(2005) article entitled “Fighting Corruption is a Global Concern”, he points out that there was an anti-corruption conference in Beijing that helps Canadians fight corruption. He gives some examples of corruption in Canadians. After, he explains how Transparency International shows corruption around the world. Many countries and international organizations work together for getting rid of corruption. Also, he claims that many counties are preoccupied now with anti-corruption efforts. For example, corruption interferes with economic development, diminishes citizens’ quality of life by denying them access to services and undermines people’s trust in government. Finally, he suggests four elements to the successful performance of an anti-corruption strategy. For instance, there have to be acceptable laws in place, all-citizens must be aware of the rules, there must be offensive implementation of the policies with clear signal and there are placing the right people in leadership roles. End of this article describes that Canada continues to enhance on current laws and policies that are designed to anti-corruption, in and out of government, in spite of some current reminders.
It is quite obvious that corruption should be prevented for our better life. As previously the author mentioned, corruption makes a lot of social problems as well as decreasing development. Therefore, government and institutions strive hard to keep away from corruption in order to prevent social violence and crime, improve development and reduce our economic gap between poverty and wealth.
First of all, corruption makes a lot of social violence and crime because it has many black markets and bribery. For example, if we read newspaper, we can find lots of corruptions that occur violence. H’ company which is one of big companies in Korea owner committed suicide because he was threatened by government. The article showed some violence by bribery and black market. It obviously illustrated dangerous happening. That is why government and organizations endeavor to prevent corruption in order to keep our good circumstances.
In addition, corruption interferes with economic development because money that supports economic development cannot provide crucial industries properly. It is common that some companies give some bribery to someone illegally. Definitely, this situation is waste of money for our social development. Companies have to concentrate their own duty that companies have to make profits and provide social goods. Accordingly, government and institutions strive to protect corruption in order to increase our economic development.
Finally, corruption makes big economic gap between poor and rich because some people who have wealth do business with high status people improper ways. It must make bad situation that poor people cannot go up high position because they do not have enough money even cannot get by their basic life. Some people say “ Money earns more money”. Obviously, it is right but we have to have equal competition for poor people. Social system must be fair. Therefore, government and organizations make an effort to prevent corruption in order to reduce our economic gap between poverty and wealth.
In conclusion, corruption makes a lot of bad situations such as increasing crime and social violence, decreasing development and making a big economical gap. Some people do not want to change corrupt society because they want to keep their status and life. However, corruption must be prevented for better life by government and organizations.


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EAP2, writing workshop

‘Good influence of after school job’

According to ‘’ fosters after school job, “Part time student jobs are a great way to pay your way through college, or provide extra money,…a way to “get a feel” for the nature of a particular career.”(2007, para1.) As far as I experience, after school jobs have a lot of benefits for teens because these improve teens’ social skills, choose a real job easily and manage teens’ better school life effectively.

To begin with, after school jobs encourage teens’ social skill because part time job follows a lot of responsibilities. For example, if we have part time jobs, we have to go on time and work specific time for a monthly salary. It obviously enhances teens’ sense of responsibility. Another reason is that part time jobs improve teens’ sense of partnership. As one might expect, most of part time jobs are not doing it alone but doing with others. That is why sometimes we are able to experience lots of situations such as having a bitter time or having a good time. One of my friends, Tim had a part time job in family restaurant when he was teenager. At that time, I just thought that he spent waste of time in school life. However, now I think that his choice was better than mine because he always did well in our group study. When we had a meeting for group study, he usually led our group.
In addition, part time jobs make teens’ choose a real job easily. When we choose after school job, we think over our interests. Thus, we choose something after school job, it could be relative our future job. One of my female friends, Ji yun, she usually work in Cafe’ after school. Now, her dream is to be Barista who makes good quality coffee. Definitely, it is that real experience encourages someone’s future job. Another reason is that part time jobs make teens concentrate their class. It also enhances someone who can decide a job easily. Many real experiences stimulate teens’ interests. That is why these interests move on their class hour. As previously mentioned, Ji yun, she could not find point of study in school life before working. However, after doing part time job, she got a passion to study her interests.

Finally, if teens have after school job, they can carry on their school life better than someone who does not have after school job because teens who have after school job are able to spend their time efficiently. As previously mention, my friend, Tim controled his time effectively. For example, he had his own timetable because he had to do lots of things such as part time job, homework and working out, so he always did his best. Obviously, it makes me impress. Another reason is that teens who have after school job can earn money. It also allows teens operate their better school life because they afford to buy their wants by fair ways. Usually, most of teenagers like shopping and they are sensitive their fashion trends. Accordingly, after school job is one of good solution to satisfy their desire what they want to buy and what they want to do.
Opponents of after school jobs claim that it makes teens deprive of their study time because teens have to spend lots of time in work place. However, this assertion is very small part of defects. In fact, after school jobs have a lot more beneficial things than shortcomings. Definitely, part time jobs enhance teens’ collaboration. As we know, work places have a lot of employees so that teens have to make relationship whether they like or not. That is why this discipline encourages teenagers’ social skills. Also, after school jobs make teens’ choose a real job effectively. As previously mentioned, part time jobs usually reflect teens’ desire what they want to do. It should be helpful in order to get a real job.

In conclusion, after school job has a lot of advantages for teens’ life. Obviously, part time student jobs are big challenge for most of teenagers. Some people argue that students have to concentrate their duty which study hard. However, after school job firmly necessary experience for school life in terms of improving social skill, choosing a real job easily and managing teens’ better life.


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